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Signage Procedures

Request Procedure:

Requests for signs must be submitted to the sign committee. If the sign can be produced according to the standards and the location is approved by the sign committee, the request is approved and sent to the sign maker who then provides the customer with the sign layout and cost. Upon receiving cost transfer information from the customer, the materials are ordered and the production procedure begins.

Non-Standard Requests:

If the request includes information or specifications that are not covered in the standard sign types, Facilities Planning and Scheduling will contact the requestor and review the details. If the request or a revision of the request is approved by Facilities Planning and Scheduling it then follows the same steps as above. If the request can not be approved, Facilities Planning and Scheduling will notify the requestor and FM Administrative Support Services.

Production Policy:

Only FM is authorized to produce signs for WVU facilities and grounds. WVU units are not authorized to contract with outside vendors to produce signs for the University without formal permission from Facilities Planning and Scheduling. Unauthorized signs will be removed by FM. Replacement signs must be requested through the authorized procedure for sign requests, including the normal financial obligations of the customer. Any signage produced by an outside vendor with Facilities Planning and Scheduling authorization must conform to all WVU signage graphics and construction standards.

Sign Committee::

All signs for WVU facilities and grounds are subject to review and approval of the Sign Committee. Representatives on the Sign Committee are from Facilities Planning and Scheduling, Trademark Licensing and Creative Services.

Temporary Signs:

Any exterior sign, banner, poster or any other type of graphic or message material must be approved per the above process. Requests should be submitted at least 30 days before requestor intends to display.