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Space Management

Space Management


Building Information

  • Space Allocation
  • Data Analytics
  • Floor Plans

Land Information

  • Mapping and visualization
  • Spatial analytics
  • Getting data into, and out of, the field

   Campus Information Map                            Sustainability Map                                 Parking Map

Campus Info Map              Sustainability Map               Parking Map  

Data Collection

Data points are the base of all space utilization and analysis.  Strategic inventory and auditing will be conducted on a semi-annual, annual, or biennial basis dependent on campus/building. This will be performed with the coordination of the college, department, and building contacts.

Use Analysis/Review

Space analysis is a vital tool in planning to determine the physical solution that fits the users' needs. This is performed in conjunction with Space Allocation, Leasing Space, and Campus Planning, and is the analytical comparison of space needed, or a comparison of actual space assignment to that recommended by the WVU Space Planning Standards.

PEFIC Manual

Allocation and Relocation

All WVU owned space is allocated by the President to individual colleges, schools, departments, and programs based on need. As such, no space is "owned" but rather is "allocated" for specific purposes. As these purposes continually change as programs ebb and flow, a new assignment of space may be necessary to meet the current programmatic needs of the institution. The process is begun by completion of a Space Analysis and is completed by an assignment of redesign, expansion, or retraction of the space allocated. Vice presidential representatives are consulted regarding the allocation for concurrence, which may also require approval by the Capital Planning Committee. 

Relocation is the physical move from one space to another; it may or may not involve employee relocation. Relocation may be the result of Space Allocation, Space Review or Departmental Changes and Program needs.