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Exterior Sign Standards

Signage standards at West Virginia University are designed to provide elements that identify, inform, regulate and direct in a coherent manner that strengthens the University identity. The program sets standards for graphics guidelines, construction, installation, and maintenance to provide logical continuity for the University’s growth and future needs. All WVU signage must go through Facilities Planning & Scheduling and Facilities Management to ensure visual continuity and production quality.

Post and panel type signage is standard. Letters or other graphics are not mounted directly on buildings unless approved by the Sign Committee and Upper Administration. Visual continuity, efficiency and economy are realized by keeping sizes and types to a minimum. Panels of a given signage type are standardized sizes to enable replacement by utilizing existing posts.


For visual consistency and reinforcement of the West Virginia University identity, certain elements of all external WVU signage will be common to all signs, despite the type.


1. All sign panels will be WVU blue defined as PMS (Pantone Matching System) 295.
2. Sign posts shall be Duranodic Bronze
3. Lettering and arrows on all signs will be die-cut vinyl and will be non-reflective white.
4. The color of WVU logo shall always be PMS 124.
5. Any Stripes or rules appearing on signs shall be PMS 124.


Font style used on signs shall be Helvetica Bold, normal setting, not extended or compressed. Height of lettering is defined on the detail drawings of each sign type. All typography shall be caps and lower case.

No tag lines are permitted such as “where greatness is learned”.