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Space Standards

WVU Space Guidelines

  The following guidelines are a summary of parameters assembled from various sources.  They have been adapted to respond to the specific needs of WVU and its instructional methodology.  The overall intent of the space guidelines is to establish a parameter for the amount of space needed to support the specified function.

  The guidelines are a planning instrument to establish space adequacy on a uniform and equitable basis.  They are reasonable estimates of the space needed, not a definitive “maximum” or “minimum”.  In applying the guidelines to specific cases, consideration must be given to the room shape, equipment, access, utilization, and additional functional requirements.  This becomes critical when applying the guidelines within the context of an existing facility.  These guidelines are based on current planning standards and functions. 

  The standards will be reviewed periodically by the University Planning Committee.  Any requests for variances must be approved by the committee.

Office Space

  An office is typically assigned to one or more persons as a station or work area.  Included are administrator and faculty offices along with administrative, graduate assistant, and student stations.  It may be equipped with desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, filing cabinets, computer workstations, or other office equipment.  The office environment will have a great impact on the productivity, creativity and well-being of the occupant.  The character of the office environment can be defined through the use of color, texture, form and sound.  An office should be enhanced by maximizing natural light and allowing the occupant to have more control over the lighting levels and HVAC services within their individual work areas.  Quality office spaces are necessary to attract and retain quality administrators, faculty, students and staff.

  Note:  Offices spaces are the single largest use of assignable space on campus surpassing classrooms and class laboratories.

Administrative Units

 Academic Units