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Delivery Methods for In-House Construction

  • Construction contracted out through the Open-End Contract: This method offers quick turn around due to the pre-qualification of contractors and short bidding times. There are over a hundred contractors on the bidding list in areas ranging from Engineering to Painting.
  • Construction contracted out through the open market: This method is slower but allows for specialty companies to bid on proposed work. Items such as water tower painting and re-lining might be a candidate for the open market. This method is generally used for work that exceeds $250,000.00 based upon our estimates.
  • Construction using the In-House Construction Team: This method tends to be for general rehabilitation of spaces. The Team is comprised of 16 full-time craftsmen and women and up to 20 additional temporary employees. They work directly for the University, and their first priority is to support new faculty, classroom, and laboratory/research space. Quick delivery, quality, and reduced costs are the goals of this crew.
  • Hybridized construction using both in-house crews and contractors: As the name implies, the skills of off-site contractors are combined with those of the internal crew. This extends the capability of the team while saving money and time.
  • Maintenance Support: The Project Managers continue to use the highly skilled and knowledgeable Facilities Management maintenance staff as support in completing your projects.


Our primary mission is to support students, faculty, and staff; hence, projects that involve teaching, research, and learning are our highest priority. This includes assistance in setting up spaces for newly hired professors and researchers.

Once priorities are met, projects such as carpet replacement, office space renovation, and general alterations will be scheduled as they can be accommodated. Using this priority system, every effort will be made to respond to this type of project. This may affect delivery methods such as contracting out work instead of doing the project in-house.