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Types of Signs

Campus Identification
Used at campus perimeters to identify specific campuses.

Building Identification
Identifies the specific name of the building. Carries only the name of the building. Departments, programs or functions housed in the facility are not identified.

Parking Area Identification
Identifies designated parking areas. The number of the parking area will be the only variable among Parking Area signs.

Special Purpose
Identifies special areas or facilities requiring information for which preceding sign types are insufficient. Off-campus entities, such as University farms or forests are representative examples. Despite differences in size due to unique location or other unusual conditions, all specific purpose signs will carry certain common characteristics and details to provide visual continuity will all other WVU signage.

Used at vehicular traffic decision points. These will usually have arrows indicating direction.

Carries miscellaneous information. Requested information must be approved by sign committee.

Marks specific regulations and individual parking spaces, i.e., Facilities Management Vehicles Only, etc.

Insert Panels
If a certain sign type requires associated information which is not provided on the basic format, the additional information is not to be included on the sign panel but should be carried on an insert panel mounted two inches below the basic panel. Width of the insert panel will be the same as the sign. The vertical measurement will vary according to the sign type, but will usually be 12”, 18”, or 24”.

Standard Traffic Control
Standard traffic control signs (Stop, Yield, Speed Limit, etc.) on the campuses will be identical to those used by the West Virginia Department of Highways and will be produced according to the Department of Highways specifications.